Spirit of the Season

Siege on the Fastness

December, 1929

New York, NY

Matthew D’Israeli and Reindeer Man Codename Rudolph are caught in a diabolical death trap set by Dr. Scrooge’s minions inside of the Coleman’s department store. Using his incredible strength, D’Israeli manages to break free of his bonds, and he and Rudolph proceed to pummel Scrooge’s Cratchits.

Once the department store is secured, Rudolph finds he is unable to contact the Fastness, Nick Saint’s secret base of operations in the Arctic. After paying Dr. Scrooge a visit, Rudolph and D’Israeli learn that the attack on the department store was merely a distraction to keep them occupied while Scrooge’s allies assault the rest of the Reindeer Men up north.

The Arctic

D’Israeli brings Rudolph along in his private zeppelin and they fly to the Arctic, where they see that the Fastness is under siege from the combined forces of Jacques Frost—whose magical medallion allows him to control prehistoric beasts—and Antiochus the Defiler and his spectral Seleucid soldiers. Antiochus hopes to defile the Fastness—one of the great symbols of hope in the world—before finally proceeding on to Jerusalem itself.

As the two heroes approach the Fastness, the frigid air causes the engines of the zeppelin to freeze up. They are now forced to use jet packs to reach the ground and make their way on foot past Jacques Frost’s mighty mammoths. But D’Israeli’s fists are more powerful than Frost had anticipated. The mountain of a man simply bashes his way through, knocking out the giant beasts with his mighty blows.

With Frost’s mammoths defeated, Antiochus attempts stop the heroes himself. But Rudolph’s speed and D’Israeli’s strength are simply too much for him. Finally, he falls to the ground. When he does so, D’Israeli reaches out and pulls off Antiochus’ helmet—the ancient artifact that imbued the third-rate archaeologist Tycho Alexandrius with the essence and power of the Defiler. Then, with all the force of his amazing strength, D’Israeli crushes the helmet within his hands.

With Antiochus defeated, the rest of his forces soon disperse. The Fastness has been saved.


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